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Scam warning.

Tim Noble writes:

I placed an advert on your website to sell my collection of milk bottles. A foreign man, Desmond Wood, agreed to buy them and said he would send me £1,000 from Holland. I asked for a wire transfer of funds for speed of clearance, and he requested my bank details, which I gave him.

He kept promising the money and, two weeks later, £6,500 arrives in my account! He then says his bank has made an error and asks me to send £5,500 back to him immediately. I am meant to do this within 2 days.

The scam is that his money wasnt sent from Holland - it was a dodgy cheque paid in in East London. 10-14 days later, it turns out that my credit for £6,500 will bounce, and if I had returned the "surplus" immediately I would have been out of pocket £5,500. Fortunately, I am a bank manager and hear about these scams all the time, but even so I was nearly hooked. My bank has told me not to send the £5,500, as the credit hasn't cleared, but if I were naive, I would have been caught.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!

If you come across any unusual scams, please let us know.

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