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The Milk Bottle News Logos
Gotta Lotta BottleThe letterstyle for the main Milk Bottle News logo was taken from the National Milk Publicity Council's well known Gotta Lotta Bottle advertising campaign of the late 1970s.
The font is called Bauhaus Heavy, and the logo was printed on a variety of media from newspaper and magazine advertisements to milk bottles and glasses.

It seems fitting that Milk Bottle News should use this style of lettering for its own logo.
Yeatton Dairy advertisementOur 'three bottles' logo was taken from a series of advertisements for Yeatton Dairy in the New Milton Advertiser during 1934.
This logo was a printer's stock item, and was used in at least one advertisement for another dairy in the area at that time.
The logo was scanned, vectorised and cleaned up before becoming our secondary logo.
For anyone who's interested, the font for our our slogan is called Bradley Hand ITC

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