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William Patrick
I have a milk bottle, it looks old, it's got '1619' with 2 stars imprinted on the bottom. I am looking to sell. (UK 31/12/2016)
Peter Turner
I am looking for any bottle with " E C Turner", Coombehayes Farm, Uplyme. These were in half pint, one pint and a quart. Last used in early 1960s. I had some and loaned them to a museum before moving abroad. Just returned and find they have been lost! I am anxious to replace them for my grandson. Any help would be appreciated. (UK 27/11/2016)
Adam Warne
My wife is researching her ancestry and has discovered links to the Argyle Dairy in Abingdon. If anyone has a bottle from there, please get in touch. Thanks. (UK 27/11/2016)
Ian Mercer|
I am looking to find a milk bottle from the Guide area of Blackburn, Lancs. Its markings are R J Mercer, Higher House Farm. It was my grandfather's farm and I was hoping to source one to give to my father as a keepsake. Happy to pay. (UK 26/10/2016)
David Black
Please, any milk bottles for free, just so I can get going on this as a hobby as I am house bound and this would get me interested in bottles. I am 85 so not that good on this sort of thing. My son said he would help me with my new hobby. (UK 19/09/2016)
Mike Temple
I have recently uncovered a milk bottle with the lettering SHFD Southwick - the other side reads "The cream of Sussex milk". Information is limited, but from what I have gauged, this bottle is circa 1950. I would sell it if any collectors are interested. (UK 03/09/2016)
Dave Black
As I've just retired, I have been collecting advertisement milk bottles, if any one has any going for free or very cheap I would like to add to my collection. (UK 15/08/2016)
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Andrea Homer
I'm looking for a bottle marked Bucknall, Castle Donninton c. 1950s. Love to hear form anyone that has one. (UK 15/08/2016)
Jane Garnham
I'm looking for a "Frost Dairy" milk bottle, would be about the 1930's. My dear friend's grandfather ran the dairy in Essex and supplied Broomfield Hospital (Chelmsford) with milk. Writing is probably in red. Happy to pay for it. Thank you. (UK 25/06/2016)
Robert Midmer
I am looking for any glass milk bottles with Southampton Dairy printed on the bottle. Don't worry you won't have to ship them to Canada. I have a nephew in Southampton England who will gladly ship them to me. (UK/Canada 23/04/2016)
B Downey

We have 90 milk bottles with printed adverts from the 1980s. We are keen to offload them ASAP to someone who would like them. (UK 23/04/2016)

Jonathan Smith
I am restoring a 1950 milk float. I have sourced some crates but need some bottles if anyone has some to part with.  Also I would like to know if, around that time, if they had cardboard tops or foil?  Also advice on other items that a milkman of the day would have sold from his float. Big thanks. (UK 24/02/2016)
Jim Pettitt
My Grandfather Percy Pettitt had a small dairy at Birmingham Farm, Albury, Surrey. Does anyone have a P Pettitt & Son milk bottle that they would like to sell?
Gaia Franzolin
I am looking to buy milk bottles from Lutley Dairies. (UK 03/07/2015)
Maria Gibson
I have collected over 40 advertising milk bottles which I no longer want. Is there anybody interested in them? (UK 27/05/2015)
Please let us know when your advert is no longer required.
Samantha Jackson
I'm looking for any milk bottles from Clevedon Creamery circa1950s for my mum. This was where she grew up and she used to help my grandad on the farm and deliver the milk. Would be great if anyone knew of any. (UK 27/05/2015)
AM Nash
I am seeking bottles with the following names (from my family)...
JH Brunt (Bucks)
Theobald Farm Dairy (Herts)
WT Lear & Sons (Herts)
Haskett, Laurence Farm (Somerset)
Loxwood Dairy (West Sussex)
... and will pay a sensible price for non-duplicates.
I am also interested in Safety First Millk Association, having found a bottle in our Sussex ditch. (UK 17/05/2015)
Steve McCombe
I'm looking for a milk bottle from Rogers & Marchants' dairy which was at Homestead Farm, Otford near Sevenoaks, Kent. It was my great-grandparents' dairy farm until the 1950s. (UK 06/05/2015)
Matthew Collins
I have a group of Job's, Wren Davis, Co-Op and other pint and smaller size milk bottles that I would like to sell. Please let me know if you are interested. Genuine collectors only please. (UK 20/04/2015)
David Ellis
25 eighties advertising bottles to dispose of. List available for anyone interested. (UK 19/04/2015)
Ron M
I have a collection of about 2600 bottles, I want to sell all. Mostly from the US but a few from other countries. (19/04/2015)
Joanne Mordue
I'm looking for a Trapps Dairy, York, milk bottle. My mother was brought up there. We found one of her Grandfather's bottles but not her Father's. My mother's father ran the dairy from the 40s to the 70s. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. (UK 16/02/2015)
Sandy Mursell
I have 2 milk bottles marked Barge Farm Dairy Taplow, guessing 1940/50 (wider neck for the cardboard tops?). I am happy to give them away to someone who will appreciate them. Would need to be collected. (UK 05/01/2015)
James Murray
I have several Rhodesia milk bottles - is there a market for them? (Zimbabwe 05/01/2015)
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Peter Hayward
Any milk bottles from Dorset, Somerset, Devon or Cornwall to swap or trade, please contact Peter Hayward. (UK)
Paul Birch
I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has Dairy Memorabilia they would like to find a new home for. College Farm Trust has received several donations towards the 'Dairy Museum' collection, which is still under development. Drop me an email if you have anything (UK). To read more on College Farm and the progress on the museum please log onto
Paul Luke
I am always interested in hearing from anyone who has milk bottle collections they would like to deperse of. I also collect a wide variety of dairy memorabilia including cardboard caps, long service badges, foil caps and dairy related photographs. Drop me an email if you have anything. (UK)
Steve Wheeler
If you have any milkbottles to swap or trade from anywhere in the UK, please give me a shout! I have quite a variety from all over... please ask. (UK)
Philip Atherton
I've always got a spares list, contact me if interested. Also contact me if you are going to throw away your spares as I might help save them from being recycled. I live in the Hampshire area. (UK)
Tom Hemming Always keen to buy/sell or swap good UK milk bottles, especially unusual, aqua or 50's adverts. Have good supply of caps to swap for UK only.
I also require quality Dairyana: dairy shop fittings & ornaments, good churns, milk pails, buckets & oval hand cans, butter crocks & cream pots, etc...
Let me know if you see anything! Thanks.
Mark Hudson
I am interested in old, interesting and unusual milk bottles from around the world especially bottles with pictorials, interesting slogans and multi-coloured designs. I buy/sell/trade/correspond. (UK)
Andrew Laing
Wishing to trade milk bottle caps.UK, US, and Australia. (UK)